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Clinic Staff

Meet M'Lisa!

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night"
-Edgar Allen Poe

M'lisa has been on a journey of trauma recovery for five years and loves to advocate the importance of mental well-being. She believes in having compassion for her fellow humans. It is her goal to be a force of kindness in life. She enjoys the caring atmosphere at Autumn Leaves and is proud that she can be a part of it.

She grew up in Reno, Nevada, and recently moved to Idaho Falls to be near family. At the same time, she raised her three children as a single mother. Her children are the core of who she is and give her a reason to live. “I focus as much time as possible on bringing my children up to be loving and compassionate. The world needs love now more than ever.” When her attention isn't on her children, she enjoys reading, finding books at used bookstores, and collecting as many as possible. Aside from raising three good humans, her goal in life is to spread positivity.

Someday she'd love to have a small home in the country with a library full of books and a garden where she can keep bees and chickens.

Meet Yarely!

“Be your own kind of beautiful, be unique as you are and be proud of it.”

Yarely has been living in Idaho Falls for over 15 years.
She is originally from Arizona but prefers living in the cold to the blazing Arizona heat! She is fluent in English and Spanish and can speak, write, and read in both languages. She is passionate about helping others wherever possible and believes everyone can heal. She loves the environment at Autumn Leaves and thinks it is an excellent place for patients and staff.

“In the summer, I love walking my dogs and being outdoors. During the wintertime, I like staying inside, being cozy and warm, and watching movies with popcorn and hot chocolate!”. Outside work, Yarely
enjoys reading, shopping, and spending time with friends and family. Her goal is to one day own a big house so she can have friends and family over and own more cats and dogs.

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